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Active Users

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Downloading the Fantasy Akhada App is Easy

iOS users can download Fantasy Akhada from the App Store. However, Android users can download the app using the apk file. Here's how to download & install

1 Download for Android

Open Fantasy Akhada & click on "Download for Android" button

2 Open

Wait for the apk to download & click on "Open"

3 Allow from this Source

Click "Allow from this Source" when prompted & then click on Install

What is special About Fantasy Akhada?

Unlimited Withdrawals
Lightning Fast Unlimited Withdrawals
Fantasy Akhada Champions Program
Fantasy Akhada Champions Program
24*7 Customer Care
24*7 Customer Care Helpdesk via Phone / Mail
100% Safe & Secure Payments


What our #AsliAkhada Family says about us

Join the game in 3 Easy Steps

Select a Match

Select an upcoming match of your choice

Create your Fantasy Team

Use your sports knowledge to create a fantasy team with 100 credits

Join Free & Cash Contests

Participate in Cash or Practice Contests

Play Now


Ranks and points will be updated and displayed during and at the end of every match. If you win in any cash contest, the winnings will be credited automatically to your Fantasy Akhada account balance.

You can withdraw money only from the winnings account in your Fantasy Akhada account once your account is verified. This verification is a one-time process which doesn’t need to be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your account. Once your account is verified, you can withdraw the desired amount (min. 50) and it will be deposited into your bank account within 3 hours.

No. You can join contests even without verifying your account. When you win cash contests, your winnings will be deposited in your Fantasy Akhada wallet. Verification becomes mandatory only before you can make withdrawals from your Fantasy Akhada account to your bank account.

a) A single user cannot create multiple accounts on Fantasy Akhada

b) Any user misusing his/her referral code by creating different fake accounts on Fantasy Akhada in order to earn Cash Bonus.

c) A user is not allowed to submit fake / some else’s documents


Download for Android User

Download on the APP Store